5 gallon Soap/Oil / Candle Wax Tank (Melter)

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Posted on: Mar 20th 2017 (expires in -38 days )
Price: THB 28,000
Purchased directly from the US. (its not made in china or thailand!) We dont need this one as we have out grown our production and needed a much larger one....
great for making a sideline income and a serious hobbier....We can ship this if you like....

5 Gallon, 1500w, Water Jacketed Soap/Oil / Candle Wax Tank (Melter) (Heater)

This new, never-used, (now surplus to requirements), 5 Gallon Water Jacketed, Soap/ Oil / Candle Wax Tank comes complete with: Lid, Heater - Thermostat, 3/4 Inch Brass Ball Valve & Cord, and Instructions.

1500w heats very fast, and...product is safe with a Water Jacketed Tank. Indirect heating eliminates scorching of product.
This Water Jacketed Oil / Wax Tank (Melter) is ideal for processing Liquid Soap, Melt and Pour, Cold Processed, Lotions, Candle Wax Melting, etc.
All fittings, inner and outer tanks, and lid, are 304 Stainless Steel. Tanks are Cosmetic Grade, and can be used for Certified Organic production.
For Cold Processed; this unit can be used to heat just the base oils or to heat and mix the entire batch. Using to heat the oils only is the most efficient method.
This Oil/Wax Tanks is perfect for melting Melt and Pour (M&P, Glycerin Soap) and for dispensing into molds or other containers
For Liquid Soap, this is the perfect vessel, total control for all steps....mixing, tracing, heat stage, dilution and bottling.
Candle Wax; this is great for melting wax, blending ingredients and dispensing into molds.
Easy to use and maintain
This versatile tanks is ideal for Lip Balms, Body Butters, Massage Oils, Lotions, Creams, virtually any product that requires even, controlled heat for blending.
Complete with: Lid, Heater - Thermostat, 3/4 Inch Brass Ball Valve with 90 Degree Elbow, Cord & Extra Element
All stainless steel construction.
Approximately 5 gal. (18.9L) capacity, 40 lbs (18.1Kg) in weight.
Exterior dimensions 18 11/16" (8.86cm) high by 13" (5.11cm) in diameter.
Interior dimensions approximately 14 ½" (36.83cm) x 10 13/16" (27.46cm)
Flat bottom, Water boiler style, water jacket.
120 Volt, 1500 watt, Heater - Thermostat (50F to 250F) (10C to 121C).
Current draw is, 12.5 amps at 120 volts
Includes extra element
3/4" (1.9cm) brass outlet with 90 degree elbow.


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