Drums and Cymbals for Sale

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Posted on: Apr 19th 2017 (expires in 23 days )
Price: THB 1
Pictures are in order and correspond to items below:

Vintage 20" Sabian Hand Hammered (HH series) Medium Ride with lovely bell. This cymbal has complex, dark overtones that lend themselves to any music type. The bell really cuts through without being overpowering. Great definition on the bow, with a wash of musical tones for lots of shimmer. Crashes nicely also. This cymbal is decades old and has enjoyed a beautiful mellowing of sound that makes it unique and highly desirable. I am in love and would keep it if I played acoustic drums! You will not be disappointed. From Zeppelin to Duke Ellington, this is a must have ride cymbal. 4500 baht (Sells new and not nearly as good for 14,000 baht.)

Sabian Mixed Set of 14" Hi Hats. XS20 Medium top with B8 bottom. Very bright and cutting sound with lots of definition, excellent for rock and metal. Very durable cymbals designed to be played hard and be heard above screaming guitars. These also work well as "rock" crashes for a high, cutting, raw sound. 1800 baht

Zildjian 14" ZBT crash cymbal 1000 baht.

Meteor by Meinl Cymbals. 20" ride and 14" hi hats. Brass cymbals made in Germany. Get them both for only 1500 baht.

Tama Iron Cobra Flexi Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal
Model: HP900FTW
Excellent condition and so smooth. This pedal is infinitely adjustable to achieve whatever feel and power level you desire. The name and reputation speaks for itself. These are the premier pedals available anywhere, at any price. Costs 15,000 baht+ new. You can have this one for only 5900 baht

Gibraltar Snare Drum Stand 750 baht

Hi Hat Clutch 250 baht each.
3 available. Standard size, heavy duty functionality. Brand new, never used.
These are also great for mounting another cymbal (splash cymbal for example) on your hi hat stand.

Brand new, never used.
Vic Firth Steve Gadd model 300 baht
Zildjian Hickory 5A 250 baht
Promark Hickory 5B 250 baht
All 3 pairs for 750 baht.
Several pair of lightly used in various sizes 150 baht each pair.
If you want to play well, invest in good quality sticks!

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