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About Pui

My name is Pui, Pui means nick name I am an experienced Thai teacher for 3 Years.

and I have been training at private school for teaching the foreigners about 3 months.

My Thai lesson is focus on realistic Thai language and my objective make the students learn easy and enjoy with the class. Knowing the meaning of sentence, knowing the words, vocabulary and how can students make the correct sentence and usage that will make you sound like real Thai person rather than a textbook. I use materials arrange from beginners to advanced level and to apply them according to the level of the students and their needs. Your location is no barrier as we can use Skype for online lessons.

Kruu Pui also teach about Thai culture, value and tradition including the way of Thai people which can very useful for foreigners to stay in Thailand for long terms or travel in Thailand I also have getting by in Thai for 10 hours it make foreigners to understand when they go to buy some food at the street or bargain the taxi.

I believe that if you study with me you are able to communicate with Thai people and know about all Thai culture and can adapt in daily life with Thai people.

Private lesson

Payment for Skype lessons can be made by.
- Paypal
- MoneyGram
- Western Union
- Bank Transfer

Lesson format

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
you can learn all skills

Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing

The beginner level is based on the material in Thai for beginner and essential Thai. It covers the following areas:
- Thai consonant
- Thai vowel and tones how to pronounce words by following the tone rules
- Thai greeting
- Telling time
- numbers
- asking question
- Short conversation
- asking the bargain taxi
- Important verbs and common objects
- How to read and write all the Thai consonants and vowels
- going to the market
- telling the direction
- Slang words
- asking the price things

However, I can choose the lessons are suitable for the students or Student can manage which course is your interest. For more information or checking the available schedule please send me an E-mail

Service day

Service hour
monday-friday 7pm-9pm
saturday and sunday 9am-11pm

contact details
address: 387/5 Soi 23/2,Itsaraphap.,Watthapra Bangkokyai,Bangkok 10600 Thailand
In Thailand: +6687 975 8983, +6665 608 0617
Line: learnthai

if you want to know more information please contact me by e-mail
my E-mail: [email protected]
I look forward to seeing you soon.


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