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Sex therapy helps couples talk about sex with each other. A sex therapist feels comfortable talking about sex. While nothing is off-limits and nothing is taboo to talk about, most people have trouble bringing up anything to talk about when it comes to sex. Sex therapy gets to the problem. Couples often can't solve these intimate issues on their own because disappointment, hurt, anger, resentment, accusations, inhibition, and several rounds of fighting might have shut down the very discussion most needed. Sex therapists have hope. I've been a sex therapist for over 15 years and a marital therapist treating sexual problems for many years and have treated thousands of couples.

Sex therapists are usually experienced relationship counselors who have gained a further qualification in sex therapy. They all have an awareness of how relationship difficulties are linked to sexual problems. Sex therapists help you look at your sexual relationship. They work with individuals and couples to explore what is not working and what needs to be different.

Some common reasons for going to sex therapy include:

Concerns about sexual functioning, such as problems with arousal, anorgasm, and painful sex
Basic sex education (even advice for educating children about sex
Addressing sexual trauma
Differences in desire among couples
Changes in desire or libido
Sexual Orientation
Interest in exploring kinks, like BDSM
Differences in desired progression of sexual relationship among couples
Enhancement of sexual relationships
Questions about sexual identity and preferences
Desire to alter or resolve problematic sexual inhibitions or habits
Obsessed with sex
Felling guilty having sex

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