Fireball Foosball Tables -- Blowout sale 23,000THB

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Location: Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Ratchasima

Posted by: Mike or Mon OLeary
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Posted on: Mar 4th 2017 (expires in -136 days )
Price: THB 23,000
Fireball Foosball Tables. Fussball
Best foosball tables in the world. 23,000THB!

These tables are beautiful. Cabinets are water resistant, made with high grade plywood, Formica, and hardwood top and rails. NO MDF, OR FIBREBOARD! Every single part on these tables is built to last and much, much better than what you would get with any other table (including Tornado).

These tables have the famous Fireball black rods. They are double heat treated, machine trued, with a special slick black coating. They are super strong and super fast! They do not bend.

The Fireball bearing system allows pre-assembled rods to be installed in the table. Every other model involves difficult assembly. The bearings are oversized and will last the lifetime of your table. No more broken bearings!

The Fireball foosmen are made from super strong ABS resin. They attach with a roll pin and will never break. Foosmen are stylish, red and blue. The foot is specially designed for maximum control and crisp play.

Playfield and goal walls made with Formica Phenolic Resin Board...virtually indestructable.

Handles are a hard rubber compound that is comfortable and grippy, even with sweaty hands.

Fireball foosballs are ITSF certified polyurethane and play fast with excellent control.

We currently have 2 models. The Fireball Superstar features a printed playfield. Cost -- 29,000 THB.

The Fireball Classic features a pure green playfield. It is an elegant design that allows the players to follow the ball more easily. Cost -- 23,000 THB.

Other than the playfield design, both of these models have the exact same quality features.

Pick your table up at our location and save 5,000 THB

We no longer ship to free to all customers because some people live in the middle of nowhere. We do ship for free to 20 major Thai cities. Shipping from the city centers can be arranged by the customer with NIM Express, and is very reasonable. If you live close to one of the 20 cities, we will get it to your house for free.

Contact us about shipping. TH 0956019440 USA (442) 999-0543


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