Freelance Female Thai Personal Assistant Needed (ASAP)

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Location: Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

Posted by: Gervais Cassat
Phone: [Only for registered users]

Posted on: Mar 12th 2017 (expires in -223 days )
Price: THB 300
Freelance Female Thai Personal Assistant Needed (ASAP)

If you are a student or just looking forward making some extra Baht, this is an opportunity for you.
I’m looking for someone to help me out for a time to time with some tasks.

You will be working on your own, mostly from home or wherever you like.
(No need to meet me or come with me anywhere). We'll communicate via LINE / Skype.

Tasks that you’ll have to do:

- Searching Information online on Google / Thai Websites
- Contacting people via Phone / Email
- Going to Rimping / Tops Supermarket once in a while
- Purchasing some stuffs (e.g. กาดหลวง ) and sending them via ThaiPost


1. Female (Thai citizens only)
2. Age: Between 18 - 45 yr (if you are older and you are good with Tech, that’s fine by me)
3. Must have a Smart Phone with 3G/4G and a Decent Camera
4. Good English Skills
5. Have / Open a Gmail Account
6. Have / Open a Skype Account
7. Thai Bank Account
8. Speed of turnaround (get things done during the same day / next day)

If you are interested, write me an email to [email protected] including:

- Mobile Phone Brand / Model
- Do you have laptop? Yes / No.
- College? Yes / No (if Yes, Where and What did you study?)
- Age

This Position is meant to be filled ASAP.
I'll be paying 300 baht/ hour plus additional costs if necessary (e.g. transportation).



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