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Posted on: Oct 6th 2017 (expires in -86 days )
Price: THB 30,000
Do You Profit From Gemstones?
What Do You Need?
Profitable Colored-Gemstone opportunities are available for process-improvement, expansion, investment or partnership in gemstone mining, production and/or sourcing.
Are you…
A Mass-Market Jewelry Merchandiser? Or
A Serial-Entrepreneur/Investor: for a Madagascar Sapphire Opportunity (more information available)? Or
A TV-Marketing Professional? Or
A Large Gemstone-Cutting Factory? Or
A Gemstone Mine-Owner? or
A TV or Web-Streaming Video Company who creates gemstone adventures? Or
A Museum or Gemological Laboratory needing to assemble samples for display or reference collection?

With 40+ years buying, mining, cutting, selling, organizing companies and marketing in the International Gemstone Trade, my knowledge, experience, expertise and services include:
Sourcing: Rough, Cut and Production.
Mining: Sapphire and Aquamarine
Operations: Mass-Market Cutting Factory and Mining.
Logistics: Madagascar
Enhancement: Corundum, Diamonds and ‘Semi-Precious’.

The above covers six years in Brasil (fluent in Portuguese), 20 years in Africa (buying and mining) and 30 years in Thailand (buying, selling, mass-production cutting and building companies in the gemstone business), with endless international Trade Shows.
If you are interested, and you think you can make more money with my knowledge, experience, and connections: please contact me an your soonest convenience.

Willing…Sorry…EAGER To Travel.
Contact +662-635-7157


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