Do I have to register?
You can browse, respond and even post ads without registering. You only have to register if you wish to post a paid ad or a feature ad or edit a standard ad.

How do I place an ad?
You can find a POST AN ADD button in the menu or go to that page directly by clicking here.

What classified categories do you offer?
We have categories to fit almost any advertisement, however our most popular sections include Real Estate, Motors and Marines, Personals, and Articles&Misc.

Will other users be able to see my personal information?
No. The information that you provide during registration does not show up on your ads, only your username and email. However, you can have your phone number appear if you enter that information when posting an ad and if registered user watches your ad.

How much does it cost to post an ad?
Most classified ads on Thai Visa are free. There are some sections and ads that require you to pay a fee of 100 – 150THB. Those sections are listed below.

I am a business user and my company sell articles. Can I post my ads?
Yes you can post your ads in the ARTICLES&MISC category, however we accept only FEATURED classifieds for business users, in that category. It means that you are required to pay a fee of 150THB. Please kindly note, that all business classifieds, in the ARTICLES&MISC and MOTOR&MARINE category, that are posted as STANDARD ads will be rejected.

Condo, Apartment for SALE
Condo, Apartment for RENT
House for SALE
House for RENT
New Project: Condo for SALE
New Project: House for SALE
Vacation & Short Term Rentals
Land for SALE

Business for SALE
Office, Shop, Shophouse, Retail
Business Services, Directory

Farm & Garden
Labor & Move

What is a Featured Ad?
Featured ads are displayed as firsts ads on the main classifieds page and always appear that the top of the ad listings, both in the “Browse All” listing and the individual categories. Those who choose to feature their ad get the benefit of having their ad must more visible among the many other ads posted.
We also allow to write your website address in the description, what is forbidden for standard ads. Featured ads are 150THB for a one-month period and both free and paid ads may be featured.

Can I post external website links in the ad's desctiption?
Posting external URL links like a website address, facebook funpage, youtube is only allowed for featured ads (THB 150).

How many characters can an ad description have?
There's allowed to use 65000 characters in the description.

How do I pay for an ad?
When you fill out your ad form, if you are in a paid section, the form will tell you how much your ad costs. It will also offer you the chance to upgrade your ad. Once you’ve made your selections, you will be able to select if you want to pay by bank payment or by paypal. We do NOT accept credit cards.
We'll display amount of money to be paid, account holder, bank name and account number. We’ll also send you all information via email.
Important: Do not round the amount else it will be impossible for us to track your payment.
After remitting the payment please allow 24 hours for us to credit the balance to you.
There's no need to send us a recipe or confirmation, we'll approve your payment automatically as only it appears on our bank statement.
Once you choose a PayPal payment you will be redirected to external PayPal website to complete your order. Click here for more information regarding PayPal.

How can I check my balance?
You can easily check your balance out on any subpage of Thai Visa Classified. Please find your remaining credits on the right side of header, under the green SUBSCRIPTION button. Please note, that it’s only possible for registered users, after logged in.
Is there a way for me to pay for ads in advance, rather than each time I post?
Yes. You can top up your balance clicking into a green button BUY MORE what displays on the right side of a header. You can purchase a package between 150THB and 6600THB. For bigger credits packages please contact us via our email.

How long does my ad stay on site?
Ads stay on site for 30 days.  Three days prior to your ad expiring, you will receive an e-mail reminder.  You will have an option to RENEW your ad for next 30 days.  You just need to be logged in and simply click on the appropriate link.
If you would like to EDIT or DELETE your ad prior to the expiration date, please see further instructions in the list.

I'm having trouble uploading photos.
You can upload a photo in the Upload Photo section when creating your ad. You can also post photos later, when you edit you add (that is only possible for registered users).
The size of the photo must be between 300 pixels and 4000 pixels, with a file size limit of 4MB and either .png or .jpg formats.

When will my advertisement be approved?
It usually takes around one working day before your advertisement is posted in the classifieds section. Advertisements that do not conform to published site rules will not be posted in the classifieds.
If your classified ad is rejected or banned, you will receive the mail information containing an explanation.

How will I know if people are responding to my classified ad?
When somebody respond to your classified ad, you receive an email with sent message and all contact details. You can also check it out at User Panel. Please go to MY ADS and and click REPLIES button next to your ad.

Can I add any contact information to an ad's description?
It's only allowed for Featured ads. You can add your website address, email address, mobilen number or line ID. For Standard ads it's forbidden to include any contact information in the description.

What is allowed lenght of my ad?
You can use up to 60.000 characters in the description.

How do I EDIT or DELETE my classified ad?
Login with your USERNAME/EMAIL and PASSWORD.
Click on the MY ADS tab at the menu bar.
You will see your ads listed by All Ads, Active Ads, Expired Ads.  Choose your desired option.

Edit: In your ad list, under the ad’s description field click the "EDIT" button to make any changes. Please note that once an ad is approved you cannot change the ad category.  To do so you will need to email for assistance.
Please note that after any ad’s modification its content must be approved by admin again. It usually takes around one working day before your advertisement is posted in the classifieds section again.

Delete: To cancel an ad, click the button on the right-hand side in your ad list DELETE. Then click on the YES button in the popup box.  Your ad will neither remain in your MY ADS listing nor will be visible on the site.
Please note that once the ad has been deleted, it is not recoverable.